The Agreement

For as long as an individual has been capable of possessing a soul, and thus the burden of free will, there have been two axis by which individuals are judged, lawfulness vs chaotic, good vs evil. Throughout history, battles and wars have been waged between the factions, during the Great Rebellion, good and evil fought and the devils fell from grace, during the Blood War the lawful devils fought against the chaotic demons and the devils established their power in the Nine Hells and the demons were forced to remain in the seemingly infinite planes of the Abyss.

Which brings us to the curious case of “The Agreement”. No matter how much disdain the celestials possess for their fallen siblings, or how much resentment the devils possess for their brothers and sisters, both the lawful factions are willing to put aside their differences to fight against the demons in a twisted marriage of convenience. The reason for this truce is simple, devils may wish to control the world and celestials may wish to see it shepherded well, but demons only wishes to see it in flames. Thus, when a significant demon threat presents itself, the Agreement is invoked and war will be waged to push them back into the Abyss.

Such a threat has presented itself, a devil has defected and intends to join forces with the demons. The Agreement has been invoked, the Nine Hells and the Heavens have gone about summoning their forces, and so our adventure begins.

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A Marriage of Heaven and Hell

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