Dossier for Estro Dominus Legabatus


To the nobles of the palatial district and the Oasis, He is known as His Grace, Lord Protector, and Estro of the City Watch of the City of Ak-Shaker. Amongst the criminals of the Red Light District, he is known to throw a left hooked punch and the city’s legal code with equal force and are often unsure of which they’d rather be hit by.

The Estro is a controversial figure in the city, he impeached his predecessor by the sword for charges of corruption and the occupant of the office prior to him perished in the Great Conflagration. The true source of controversy lies in the appointment of the whistle-blower, then lieutenant Legabatus. His greatest competition for his current position was his captain, a sordid individual in his own right.

The campaigning for the open office lasted nearly four months with the city splitting into two distinct parties supporting their own candidate. Before the city fell into chaos, the mayor, Madame Anathera, broke the stalemate and appointed Legabatus to the office.

Her reasons for doing so remain a mystery, as does the location of the former captain of the guard. But what is for sure is that the Estro has many enemies amongst the wealthy and powerful of the city and that, strangely, the new Estro has forbade his men from entering the Red Light District, instead doubling the patrols of the Merchant’s Quarter.

Agent Robin

Dossier for Estro Dominus Legabatus

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